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Programmatic that works


Dynamic Pricing

Programmatic ad exchanges allow publishers to set pricing for inventory. Getting this pricing correct is crucial and can increase revenues by as much as 200%.

However, efficient pricing is impossible to execute manually. It should be automated and guided by user-level data.

Clickio Pricing Engine dynamically adjusts price floors for every impression across multiple exchanges to ensure the best possible outcome for the publisher.

Smart Formats

In-read Ad Units

Why not have more ad units on long pages and less on shorter ones?
No fuss, one tag solution from Clickio spreads ads evenly across content on Desktop and Mobile.

Sticky Ads

Ads that follow scrolling significantly boost viewability compared to static ads.
Each year advertisers pay more and more attention to viewability and are prepared to pay premium for it.

Adaptive Sizes

Clickio gives publishers an option to show big formats (such as 300x600 or 970x250) only when the impression cost is high. When CPM is low, a smaller ad is served or none at all. This approach improves user experience without causing major dips in revenue.

A/B Testing

Clickio helps publishers A/B testing different formats and gives you information on the best options for your website.

Header Bidding

Header bidding is rapidly changing the programmatic industry and opens up new opportunities for publishers. It allows several ad exchanges and other demand sources to place bids for impressions in real time.

Clickio's unique approach to header bidding can be implemented within minutes using just one line item in your ad server, or even with no ad server at all.

AdBlock Management

Everyone knows that the rise of ad blocking is a major challenge for publishers. More than 200 million users worldwide opted to use ad blocking software, and this number is growing rapidly.It is less known, however, that the most popular extensions, AdBlock and AdBlock Plus, do not remove all advertising from pages by default, keeping ads that meet “Acceptable Ads” guidelines intact. Such ads must be non-animated, clearly marked and cannot be placed inside the content.

We manage the white-listing process for our publishers. Clickio technology serves ads compliant with Acceptable Ads guidelines to users with adblocking extensions, and usual display ads to other users. This allows publishers to preserve current monetization streams, flexibly adjust the monetization strategy and capture incremental revenues.

Dedicated Account Management

At Clickio we understand that publishers need a lot of attention and dedication, it is always handy to have a familiar person to whom you can go to for any queries. Whether it is related to an issue on the site, advice on strategy or a simple question on the industry trends, your personal account manager will be on hand to help.

Once registered on our platform, a dedicated account manager will be assigned to each publisher and will be responsible for the performance and revenue growth of the account. Our friendly team of experts in display and CPM optimisation is set up to flexibly meet growing and changing market conditions.



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